Checkmate--Go Titans!

Jacksonville North Pulaski students will represent the District at the invitational chess tournament to be held at Wilbur D. Mills  Education Service Cooperative November 11, 2016.

The JNPSD chess tournament was held today to determine the delegates for the tournament.

Representatives are:

Third Grade--Derrick Cemp--Bayou Meto; Kaden Dawejko, Arnold Drive; Aiden Pascoe, Taylor; Landon Stockton, Bayou Meto

Fourth Grade--Kyra Golden, Bayou Meto; Zarrya Martin, Pinewood; Peyton Reed, Taylor; Nathan Skette, Tolleson; Deshon Thorpe, Bayou Meto

Fifth Grade--Chauncey Butler, Arnold Drive; Wyatt Elmore, Pinewood; Greyson Stockton, Bayou Meto; Xavier Williams, Taylor

Sixth Grade--Skylar Gough, Jacksonville Middle; Trent Nelson, Jacksonville Middle; Simone Gough, Jacksonville Middle; Trey Walker, Jacksonville Middle

This tournament is a unique opportunity for our TTANS to participate in an activity that will encourage them to think deeply, to analyze and to develop strategies while having fun!