School Board Gets Look at New Schools

In a work session last night, board members, school officials and community members got a look at what is planned for the new Jacksonville High School and the new elementary school.

The new high school’s impressive architecture and design will certainly be a feature for downtown Jacksonville. Studies have found that students perform better academically in learning spaces that feature outdoor views, an abundance of natural light and greater mobility and movement. The new high school will provide that and more. To take a look click here.

At the October meeting, the school board selected a new site for the new elementary school that will replace Arnold Drive and Tolleson. The board also chose to build a one- story structure instead of the multi-story previously planned. That change sent architects back to the table. They have come up with a design that integrates the natural part of the surrounding landscape. To view the preliminary design click here.

Both structures are a nod to the highly creative and imaginative team at WER Architects/Planners. Schools are among the first examples of architecture that everyone experiences and have a profound impact on all children as they grow up.