Educators & Staff

Jacksonville North Pulaski School District educators and staff expect and empower our students to take responsibility for their academic work, social life and career development.

We know three primary factors influence student success:

  1. The student's devotion of considerable time and energy to the learning process.
  2. An institutional culture promoted by faculty, staff and administrators that engenders a caring and supportive environment.
  3. Instructional experiences and support services that meet the academic, social and career development needs of students.

At JNPSD, we recognize that student success is a shared responsibility characterized by teachers, administrators and staff who:

  • Provide nurturing and caring support needed for students to succeed.
  • Commit to all students being successful.
  • Continually develop and deliver programs and services that better serve students.
  • Promote learning that is rigorous and meaningful.
  • Realize student success is influenced by peers, teachers, administrators, staff and the District’s practices, policies and environment.
  • Challenge students to aspire to the highest academic, social and career goals.