The Central Office administrative team provides support and technical assistance to JNPSD schools, teachers, administrators, staff, students and parents. Team members can be reached by telephone at 501.241.2080. Contact them via email by clicking on their name.

Dr. Bryan Duffie -Superintendent

Dr. Tiffany Bone--Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Curriculum/Student Services/Desegregation

Gregory Hodges --Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Curriculum and Support Services

Tonya Weaver--District Treasurer

Amy Arnone--Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/Board

Lana Brooks--IT Support Specialist

Bo Carter -- Student Data Coordinator

Shana Loring --Director of Curriculum

Hope Ericson--Literacy Coordinator

Tracey Garrison--Mathematics Coordinator

Jana Grisby--Accounts Payable Specialist

Nathan Hilliard--IT Support Specialist

Courtney Holmes--Director of Special Education

Tammy Knowlton--Human Resources Coordinator

Dale Kinder--IT Support Specialist

Kevin Martin--Director of Technology

Ronette Metcalf--Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Vickie Moore--Payroll/Insurance Specialist

Sandra Bilberry--Secretary, Asst. Superintendents

Jacob Smith--Director of Student Services/Federal Programs