The Jacksonville North Pulaski School District is faced with many challenges as it pursues improving the educational opportunities for students and prioritizing the extensive physical needs of the schools acquired through detachment from the Pulaski County Special School District. 

Addressing the lack of investment that has occurred in the school buildings over the last 30 years and improving the educational environment are critical elements of the community’s desire for educational improvement. School facilities are community assets with direct correlation to economic growth, home values and overall quality of life. 

Voters in the Jacksonville North Pulaski School District will decide in a special election on February 9 whether to approve funding for a new high school, a new elementary school to replace Arnold Drive and Tolleson elementary schools and multipurpose facilities for Bayou Meto, Dupree, Pinewood and Taylor elementary schools.

We must remember we are investing beyond the typical planning horizon in a way that impacts the lives of people we will never meet. Buildings last for generations as evidenced by the age of our schools. No one can predict the future, but our plan needs to be responsive for generations to come as we consider opportunities for our students.

The Jacksonville North Pulaski communities voted overwhelming for detachment from PCSSD. So, the future of our District is on us!